About Us

ヒトとモノが仲良く暮らすものづくり。愛着をもって使っていただける様に心がけ、 共に歳を重ねられる家具を提案しています。そんな「人とインテリアの良い関係」を作り出し、 より多くの人たちにインテリアの楽しさを伝えていきます。

We specialize in creating handcrafted wooden furniture that brings a deeper sense of harmony and comfort to our clients interior spaces.From concept to completion our primary concern is to make functional pieces that support the joys of living. Time after time we hope our clients build strong relationships with our furniture and chose to never lose the love shared.

勝瀬 俊輔
Shunsuke Katsuse


Owner / Designer Shunsuke Katsuse majored in Industrial Design. After graduating Osaka University of Arts , he spent 10 years crafting wood furniture at Yamasaki furniture studio. His time was primarily dedicated to manufacturing samples and custom pieces for clients. This experience became invaluable as he designed and built unique furniture as well as gained perspective on what it takes to run a business. In 2016, Shunsuke established a new vision for the qualities his furniture would embody and began pursuing his dreams under the brand name CHN.